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heroes and demons lying in the wake of mass revolt

wrong and right shouted pointedly but who really knows

this has little to do with black and white

but more about the quality of grey we make together

actions without integrity

and words hurled through the air

disguising the truth with fury

too difficult to say i understand

so instead we complicate

layer by layer

until everyone, and no one, forgets

brutality at the hand of the trusted

reporters turning lives into reality tv

with a sweep of their ratings

ignorant fingers shaking blame

taking the place of arms holding each other up

this is my world…

…this is not my world

i am ashamed

of the brutality

of the violence

of the ignorance

of the i’m right/you’re wrong

us vs them mentality

that has broken the back of the one world human race

dying under the tears of the once defeated

a lonely voice calls

i will come

will you?