so many people have strong feelings about the concept of god, believing their god is “right” and everyone else’s is an idol.

my god doesn’t limit itself to a single ideology.  my god doesn’t need to be right, or the “one and only” because it is the only that has ever existed before we humans gathered thought about the idea of god.  my god is the god found in every religion.  my god is bigger than religion.  every saint, deity, and holy being is found in my god.

athiests say there is no such thing as god.  there is no proof of god.

my god is found in scientific patterns, evolution, and the divine connection of that beautiful number, pi.  pi connects all the dots that lay between each and every one of us and all of existence.  god is pi.  god is the individual human experience making it’s way through the world.  my god needs no proof.

my god exists in the air we breathe, the co-existent breath that circles through currents of air that brings the breath of those that live on the other side of the planet to us and back again.  my god is both the inhale and the exhale.

my god is in the water, which nourishes all things and brings life.  my god is all things living.

my god is the sun, the moon, the earth, the universe and the inter-relationship between all things found in space and time.

my god is the heartbeat, the pulse, the trigger of the movement of the heart: the inspiration that causes the involuntary muscle response, the rhythm, and even the movement.

my god is grace.  when life feels too heavy to bear, yet there is something that pulls us through and moves us forward.  that is god.  my god is love.  every smile, kiss, gentle touch, and kindness is god.

my god is in me, and in you.  because we are so deeply connected through breath, consciousness, and existence.  god is the connection between us.  god is us.