Even teachers and coaches need teachers and coaches once in a while, and when I went to the presentation of The New Game, I knew it was my next step. A 90 day journey into personal, leadership, and team development, the program reinforced those things I’ve already learned on my path, simplified some of the processes, and created such a revolution within me that I have permanently shifted from being a woman who does stuff to being a leader who gets stuff done. It helped me tap into that innateness I’ve always known I’ve had, yet occasionally had difficulty believing in.

What’s that have to do with you? A LOT!

Now, I’m better prepared to share my gifts in a more impactful and diversified way. Not only am I still teaching, I am now putting together a series of online classes. Also, I have chosen to go into public speaking to discuss wellness and spirituality in a meaningful way.

I have recently published a book of poetry called Inside, and am ready to publish another within the next month called Beyond. Whew! Talk about putting myself out there! However, I feel really excellent about the process and have gotten much encouragement and fantastic feedback about my writing.

Finally, I am putting together an amazing singles event in one of the most beautiful and cozy spaces St. Louis has to offer. Called Sugar Fire Singles, this event is a low-key, no pressure invite to all singles to come together and connect in an authentic way. Too often people find themselves stuck in a routine, not getting out much, or going out to places that don’t support your fullest expression of you. Instead, we find ourselves having to wear masks “to fit in” and playing a game we don’t want to play. I’m determined to have a come-as-you-are, relaxed atmosphere of acceptance and community.

On top of all this, I now have some great new packages available for personal coaching, small business consulting, and bodywork/energywork. I offer initial consultations free to determine how I can best be of service to you, in the most beneficial way.

Cultivating Your Sacred Self online class

Inside: a book of poetry about the inner search for self

Sugar Fire Singles (St Louis): Spicy or Sweet, Come As You Are