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In the face of a tragedy, we often feel powerless.  We fumble for the cause, the reason, and often something or someone to blame.  Uncertain of our role, we ask “What can I do?” then falter at the silence that follows.

What can we do?  What is our role?

Each and every one of us is responsible.  Responsible not only for ourselves, but for our impact on this world.  With this in mind, one of the biggest ways we can show up for this world is to create it how we want it to be, by being what we want.  As Mahatma Gandhi says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  So, if we want peace, we need to be peaceful.  If we want tolerance, we need to be more tolerant and understanding.

It’s easy to be jaded and guarded when it seems we may be powerless against others.  However, if each of us accepted and acted upon this divine responsibility, injustice and malice would quickly become intolerable and eventually obsolete.

Children have to be taught to hate.  They have to be bred in ignorance and intolerance.  It is not their natural way of being.  However when faced with the reality of their experience as constructed by the adults in their world, they quickly adapt to what is more acceptable in their family and community.

This is where our beingness comes in.  If we become more mindful with our words and actions, do our best to understand, or at least accept others, and express kindness in the world, the children will gladly follow our lead.  Want to make an impact?  Be a better person, so the kids can grow into the adults we wish them to be.

Don’t understand someone’s religious beliefs? Ask them.  It’s easier than resorting to assumptions and generalities, and it’s much less harmful.  Assumptions and generalities turn into rumors, which spread vastly in today’s social media.

I say that if we could just have the world leaders sit together in a sandbox, the majority of the world’s challenges would be solved right there.

Be responsible for you, your judgments and actions.  Then, take that responsibility further.  Remember, not taking any action is often as bad as taking wrong action.  If there is injustice, how does it serve the world to sit in silence, or share opinions in confinement?  The world need you, ALL of you.  There are enough multi-faceted issues in the world that require broader, collective solutions.  Be a part of the solution.

               “Eventually we all have to accept full and total responsibility for our actions, everything we have done, and have not done.”
— Hubert Selby Jr., Requiem for a Dream

Extend yourself into the world.  What can you do to make the world the way you wish it to be?

Turtle Love

For the past 9 months, I have been saving turtles.  Stopping to escort them to the side of the road, in the direction they are heading, with little regard for my personal safety on winding county roads.  All this time, never stopping to consider they may be trying to help me.

A couple weeks ago, I stopped for what I believe will be the last turtle of the season, and it finally clicked!  There was a lesson I had been missing all along.  Indeed, more than one …

The first was a reminder that I carry “home” with me wherever I go.  Discomfort that I may experience in any space, any crowd or situation, is simply because I have forgotten that my home is in me.  When I remember this, I find the comfort and security I need within my own state of being.

I learned to point in the direction I most wish to go, and not let anything stop me.  Also, to be open to receiving assistance when it comes.

Finally, sometimes I’ve just got to move my A$$!  Life is rushing past, and at any given moment things can change.  If there’s something in my heart to do, it doesn’t serve me to procrastinate.

There is a lesson to be learned from everything, if we choose to look at it with that perspective.  I’d like to thank my turtle friends for their friendly reminders.  I look forward to serving them again in the spring.




Change Your Life By Taking Care of You

The value of developing a healthy, loving relationship with yourself is that it becomes reflected in all areas of your life.  Do you or anyone you know have relationship issues, trouble setting and keeping boundaries, financial issues, or a general unhappiness in life?  Those are all affected by the relationship with yourself.

When you are able to break down and break through those negative programs you’ve developed over the course of your life, and truly cultivate a caring relationship based in self-awareness, things really start to shift in new and positive ways!

Time to heal, nurture, and cultivate that relationship.



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my god

so many people have strong feelings about the concept of god, believing their god is “right” and everyone else’s is an idol.

my god doesn’t limit itself to a single ideology.  my god doesn’t need to be right, or the “one and only” because it is the only that has ever existed before we humans gathered thought about the idea of god.  my god is the god found in every religion.  my god is bigger than religion.  every saint, deity, and holy being is found in my god.

athiests say there is no such thing as god.  there is no proof of god.

my god is found in scientific patterns, evolution, and the divine connection of that beautiful number, pi.  pi connects all the dots that lay between each and every one of us and all of existence.  god is pi.  god is the individual human experience making it’s way through the world.  my god needs no proof.

my god exists in the air we breathe, the co-existent breath that circles through currents of air that brings the breath of those that live on the other side of the planet to us and back again.  my god is both the inhale and the exhale.

my god is in the water, which nourishes all things and brings life.  my god is all things living.

my god is the sun, the moon, the earth, the universe and the inter-relationship between all things found in space and time.

my god is the heartbeat, the pulse, the trigger of the movement of the heart: the inspiration that causes the involuntary muscle response, the rhythm, and even the movement.

my god is grace.  when life feels too heavy to bear, yet there is something that pulls us through and moves us forward.  that is god.  my god is love.  every smile, kiss, gentle touch, and kindness is god.

my god is in me, and in you.  because we are so deeply connected through breath, consciousness, and existence.  god is the connection between us.  god is us.

2 Sides of the Coin

Little did I know that personal freedom comes from stepping up and taking full responsibility for life.

This lesson was a gradual process that evolved as I became aware of exactly how little power I afforded myself, and how much power I gave away.  I viewed my experiences from the perspective that “someone did something to me, or something happened to me”, which meant that the course of my life was dependent on everyone and everything but me.  Empowerment began when I started realizing that my perspective was my choice.  Indeed, everything that happened in my adult life was because every moment I was making choices, without awareness or consciousness.  Then, I began the gradual process of waking up.  You know, one of those things that some of the new age gurus tell you to do without telling you how.  It began to happen.  Why me?  Because I was open to change.  Actually, I craved it.

I was living in poverty with seemingly few prospects and a history of failed relationships.  I knew there was more, but I didn’t know how to change it.  Fortunately, when you truly want something, the universe conspires to make it happen.  I was led through a series of synchronistic events (that I could give credit to everyone who contributed, but would be remiss if I didn’t point out, even those events were because I made choices) that caused me to pay attention.

They say the only way to truly move forward is to know where you are.  I am grateful I made the choice to look back and notice similarities between people and events in my life; to see patterns in my behavior.  It was then I noticed that even decisions that were seemingly insignificant added shape and texture to my life.

Today, I choose.  I am aware of what I am saying to myself, about myself, and how I’m shaping my life down to every bite I choose to take and every minute I waste on Facebook.  I notice my language and recently have had the opportunity to take that practice deeper by being advised to notice when I say “try,” “can’t,” and “but” because those words are unconscious ways of surrendering power as well.

Choice is freedom.  When you choose to own your life, taking responsibility for how you got where you are and where you’re going, the world is yours.  ❤

This Moment

Lately, I’ve been having a conversation with myself involving this moment.  For some reason, it has occurred to me (or finally sunk in) that this moment is the start.  The start of what?  EVERYTHING.

More specifically, I’m to the point where I feel that whatever has happened prior to this moment no longer has a hold on me, or me on it.  It took a while for me to get to this space, but I’m loving how it’s feeling!

See, everything before this moment has given me something.  Keep in mind, I’m making the choice to see this in a positive light.  I have already taken the time to sit with, and process fully, the darker stuff.  So, I’ve felt the pain, loss, anger, etc… and dealt with it to the best of my ability (which, fortunately, gets better every time).  But, now I CHOOSE to leave it where it belongs, in the past, and move forward from this moment with the gifts those challenges have given me.  Some of them are deeply imbedded in my being, like my ability to read people (which is a gift from experiencing violence).  Other gifts would be wisdom and knowledge gained by learning everything I could from the lessons I’ve experienced.  Have I learned everything?  Not yet …

So, right now, at this moment, I start.  Taking with me only the gifts, lessons, and wisdom I have gained through my experiences.  Looking forward, each moment.  And the best part is, I can make the same choice any moment I wish, from here on out.

And you can too.

Best wishes on your journey.

the kicker

I see you walk

little girl tough guy

that bouncy swagger

kicking to the beat

of a half-broken heart

clicking the heels

of those old boots

as you carefully balance

that big chip

with all the love

you have yet to give

slightly slouched

to protect your heart

like we don’t notice it shining


craving chains and freedom

it is fear that drives me

thrusting me forward with conviction toward my dreams

or deeper into the confines of my self-limitations

calling me, awakening me

a dragon that guards the treasure

which i crave with such a fiery intensity

my whole being aches

it is no match for me

the closer i get to him, the more i realize what kindles inside him

is love, tethered to iron walls, that can only be unleashed

in torrential and exasperated bursts

a slave unto itself

i befriend him, for he is my own

there is power in self-confinement

but greater in love

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