Your Human Being

where Individual unites with Soul in a dance of love





engraved on my heart

is an image of you

which captures the glow of sunshine

and radiates into the darkness

and so, is love



we don’t get over heartbreak

we can only hope

it causes us to shatter

and fall away, opening

into the deeper truths of love

phantom love

my body remembers


softening at the echoes of your love

the phantasmic kiss

left glowing

in the wake of your

smiling reassurance


coming and going

on their own random time frame

these ghosts haunt my present moment

pinning me in a never-ending cycle

of breathe. release.


real enough to feel

their ever-presence

yet not present enough

to hold them

the breakup

i wanna scream

 cut myself open

and watch the blood drain the ache

from my raging heart

i wanna be punished

drink to oblivion

lose myself in a moment with a random guy

but i won’t do any of it …

instead i let tears

bring cooling relief to my heart

as little by little they slide down hot cheeks

i’ll search for answers and find the lesson in my heart

why this had to be

and i’ll pray to stop wanting you back

or for you to see with my eyes

the beauty of you

the beauty of me

and the wonderful thing that was us

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