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where Individual unites with Soul in a dance of love


dark night of the soul

the darkness

i rest my head

in the pain you feel

the rising falling crest

of oh my god

this is insanity!

and you crashing

back to earth

into the waiting arms

of emptiness

gently, my heart calls to you

longing to share

a warm embrace

but you’ve swam too deep to hear

How many of us have had a loved one who felt isolated beyond reach?  How many of us have experienced it ourselves?  The desperation, the loneliness, the deep aching agony of a virtual non-existence.  Some will readily admit having a dark night of the soul, but not all can admit the nature of those darker thoughts much less confess them to loved ones.

I would venture to say it’s unlikely that not one single person has ever wondered what the world would be like without them, or hasn’t felt so overdone by the challenges of life that non-existence seemed a relative option.  Echoes of emptiness filter through our beings as we strive to cope, forgetting that we have each other, if only we can be courageous enough to reach out and express ourselves, trusting each other to understand and support us as we walk through the darkness together.



a shadow of the person i once was

an empty shell of skin wandering the earth

i have moments of extreme peace

but they drift in and out of my daily sleep

changing shape like clouds

passion leaks out with tears

and the hope that once mirrored the sun

now echoes alone in the dark hall of my soul

fear and self-loathing rise to fill the space

i no longer know myself

i know the phoenix will rise again

she never fails

but will she ever fly

without surrendering to ash

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