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desire (erotic)

I just found this in one of my journals from last year … Good thing I kept it!


lying in a pool of want

i await your caresses


twisted sex thrill fantasises

running circles in my head

fighting with each other

in the race to win first


come to me now, my love

i cannot wait

come to me now

and help cure my ache


this flame licking

white hot fire between my legs

a low moan escapes

under the weight of this desire


nipples hardening

remembering your tongue

nipples hardening

anticipating your thumb


when you get me

take me, make me yours

this erotic dancing light

belongs to no other


come to me now, my love

hurry, stake your claim

come to me, make love to me

again and again and again


lying in a pool of want

i await your caresses


Otis Redding crooning in my head
as I lay here bound by my desire

it’s been too long
since we were alone
and both fully operational

and i’m currently weighing
the love of being with you
with the frustration
from no quality alone time

of course, i’ll come
i love you more than that
but i also secretly hope
for quiet, stolen sex
outside, in a car, or even the closet

until then, i’ll manage
and practice more self-love

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