Your Human Being

where Individual unites with Soul in a dance of love




lost inĀ the dream of infinite reality

while reality begs me not to leave

i can’t stay … it’s not real

i see the fabric of life

woven in and out of things we term time and space

just experiences … shared on a public thread

this blanketĀ of existence

pulled too high, it covers my true nature

and leads to the eventual suffocation of my spirit

too low, and i won’t know the grace

that comes from honoring experience

and time well spent living

best to wrap it around me

in a warm, loving embrace

enough to comfort, but not enough to bind


the lyrical soft lilting

breath of you

sways me

into the sweetest lullaby of charms

where i dream of wildflowers

and dew-kissed grasses

awakening in early morning sun

this drowsy arousal

of all things fresh

luscious and new

is how i feel whenever

the radiant smile of your eyes

holds me in its warm caress

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