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erotic poetry

desire (erotic)

I just found this in one of my journals from last year … Good thing I kept it!


lying in a pool of want

i await your caresses


twisted sex thrill fantasises

running circles in my head

fighting with each other

in the race to win first


come to me now, my love

i cannot wait

come to me now

and help cure my ache


this flame licking

white hot fire between my legs

a low moan escapes

under the weight of this desire


nipples hardening

remembering your tongue

nipples hardening

anticipating your thumb


when you get me

take me, make me yours

this erotic dancing light

belongs to no other


come to me now, my love

hurry, stake your claim

come to me, make love to me

again and again and again


lying in a pool of want

i await your caresses


you come to me lustful

the taste of want dripping

from your hard body


quenching your thirst

time and again

and still you want more


i rise and fall

into satisfied exhaustion

limp breathless and full


leaving trails of desire

in every room

consider your house christened

The Art of Seduction

in an accidental meeting of body parts
my fingertips brush against you
there’s a faint flutter of eyelashes
and a flash in the eye that couples with a soft, sideways smirk

one innocent kiss
that leaves a heavy breath between us
in the stillness of our lips nearly touching
yet giving the impression of contact

our embrace lingers
and i inhale the scent of your neck
and trace along that fine line with my tongue
as i feel you harden against me

a Tantric (double) Tanka

you lift me beyond

my self to the unknown place

through your touch, your lips

caressing the soft center

my love joining ecstasy


hips and hearts combine

riding the wave eye to eye

panting and breathless

heat melting us into one

joined shiver, a sigh, then stillness


licking nectar off your tongue

a surge of heat flashes through me

melting my thoughts liquid with desire


turn me into honey

so your beautiful mouth

will devour me, my self

my every being surrendering

to your lips

as kiss by kiss

i melt further into the moment

becoming a feast for your body

and nourishment for your soul


sharing sticky sweet breath

as rotations give rise to panting

and moans glow amber in the moonlight

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