Your Human Being

where Individual unites with Soul in a dance of love


falling in love


my heart is full of rainbows

the reigning tears of yesterday

sparkle in the sunshine of today

overflowing with feelings for which

i have no words

except yes this, yes right, yes now

and it’s more than i’ve ever imagined

what a brilliant thought you are!

and my ego bows to divine

for thinking you here before me

my custom puzzle piece, perfectly fit

the secret

sexy love notes

passed side to side

hoping no one notices

lovers under the table

stealing sweet shy glances



the hot sweet breath

of the next secret kiss

betrayed by their bodies

whose chemistry speaks loud

enough for everyone to hear

love notes

writing love notes in the air

i close my eyes
and think of the way you smile when you look at me
softening the contours of your face
softening, my heart

the way i let you
hold me in your arms like a child
and i feel safe, comforted
and totally free

and the way
this love is blooming in me
and i so want to share it
but am afraid to say it

so i tell you
in kisses smiles and tender embraces
hoping you’ll notice
hoping you too might be

writing love notes in the air

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