Your Human Being

where Individual unites with Soul in a dance of love


love poetry

flicker and flame

flicker and flame

licking my lips

from across the street

feeling your warm pulse

deep within my heart

calling me, drawing me to you

with universal understanding

but without reason

for my mind can’t comprehend

this connection

that achingly keeps me awakeImage

soulful embrace

you are the soulful embrace

that awakens me on a rainy day

with a symphony of smiles


and mine

tumbling together

throughout the day

holding me close

into the night

this is the dream

i always knew would be mine

but never quite believed in

till now

may my every day be

a soft caress along your cheek

kissing away the drowsy remembrances

of all that never was

pressing your hand in mine

as we love adventurously

living the dream

the secret

sexy love notes

passed side to side

hoping no one notices

lovers under the table

stealing sweet shy glances



the hot sweet breath

of the next secret kiss

betrayed by their bodies

whose chemistry speaks loud

enough for everyone to hear



engraved on my heart

is an image of you

which captures the glow of sunshine

and radiates into the darkness

and so, is love



we don’t get over heartbreak

we can only hope

it causes us to shatter

and fall away, opening

into the deeper truths of love


swim with me in this sea of love

feel the warm waters surround you

refreshing, revitalizing when the day is long

take solace in these soft arms

and when storms brew

let us dive deeper together

taking refuge in the stillness of our union

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