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The Long Goodbye

i called for help

you weren’t there

a faint echo

in my sigh

kisses fly for miles

but fall short

hours away

from your cheek

my life is full

as emptiness drifts

like a shadow

across the sky

together and apart

eternity wrapped

in a mute embrace

this is the long goodbye


oozing from your pores


always wanting to


rarely willing to


time to stand up

show up

grow up

and live for others

as much as your


everything else is a


a shadow

broken ideals


towards the image of

a god

hidden inside your


let it be free

the undeniable


you feel inside causing


when really it’s


going unshared which causes you


let it be free

give it

live it

love yourself


Princess Michelle

He sometimes calls me Princess.  I’ve never been a princess, nor have I ever really known how to be a princess.  But, love, he is patiently teaching me.  I know it sounds crazy, but to allow someone to love me enough to cater to me is quite out of my element.  I have only just recently begun loving myself enough to believe I deserve it.

It’s been quite a laborious process, delving as deep as possible into my psyche.  Generally, it’s an area we prefer to avoid, the labyrinth of emotion that causes us to make the choices we do.  However, I am determined to discover all the hidden treasures that lie beneath the blocks I created that are keeping me from fully embracing success in all aspects of my life.

So, back to love.  He tells me to stay in bed, enjoy a slow and comfortable morning, while he makes coffee and shovels the driveway, kissing my head and calling me princess on his way out.  I find myself not only cared for, but catered to.

At the very beginning, I told him I wasn’t used to accepting graciousness, gifts, and kindnesses.  I had only just become comfortable with compliments.  He asked me if I wanted him to stop, reminding me that those actions are just his way of showing love.  Instead, I took a deep breath.  Several, in fact, as he continued to give, and I continued to let him.

Some may say “What’s the big deal?”.  Well, a lifetime of low self-worth coupled with the partners that lack of self-love and acceptance drew into my life caused me to be inexperienced in receiving.  I’m a giver, a mother, a healer, and to make myself sit down and let someone take care of me, pamper me took some getting used to.

Now, I’ll wear the princess crown.  I have finally come to the place of love and acceptance of myself that has drawn to me a partner worthy of my giving heart.  He is ready to receive all the love I have to give, and ready to give all the love I am now open to receiving.  I’m totally capable of taking care of myself, but now it’s time to allow someone else to as well.  So, yes, he can do the dishes while I lavish in kitten cuddles.  Yes, he can give me presents.  Yes, I do all the same for him in return.  Afterall, he’s allowed to be a prince as well.

soulful embrace

you are the soulful embrace

that awakens me on a rainy day

with a symphony of smiles


and mine

tumbling together

throughout the day

holding me close

into the night

this is the dream

i always knew would be mine

but never quite believed in

till now

may my every day be

a soft caress along your cheek

kissing away the drowsy remembrances

of all that never was

pressing your hand in mine

as we love adventurously

living the dream


my heart is full of rainbows

the reigning tears of yesterday

sparkle in the sunshine of today

overflowing with feelings for which

i have no words

except yes this, yes right, yes now

and it’s more than i’ve ever imagined

what a brilliant thought you are!

and my ego bows to divine

for thinking you here before me

my custom puzzle piece, perfectly fit

love notes

writing love notes in the air

i close my eyes
and think of the way you smile when you look at me
softening the contours of your face
softening, my heart

the way i let you
hold me in your arms like a child
and i feel safe, comforted
and totally free

and the way
this love is blooming in me
and i so want to share it
but am afraid to say it

so i tell you
in kisses smiles and tender embraces
hoping you’ll notice
hoping you too might be

writing love notes in the air

path to love

blood dripping like velvet dew

her heart became reborn

unknown stories

once broke the troubled heart

which shattered like glass

lost amongst the sand along her path

biting pieces cut her feet

lightening her steps

but deepening their impact

for all that i am

Love me for all that I am

Right here, right now

This perfectly imperfect mess standing before you

Not the images and projections

Or select facets you choose to see

But me, whole and complete

With a burning heart

And childhood fears

Big dreams, and dirty dishes

Love my history

and the stories I choose to tell myself

about now and the future

wrinkly tummy and persistent white hair

love me beyond it all

or leave me alone


Lover, let your mind disappear
Come to me with your heart
Body and soul surrendering
To the flow of love’s embrace

No thoughts or words needed
Only the instinctual, intuitive
Language of bodies
Sharing in sensuous communion

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