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Your Sacred Self

What do you need to know about your Sacred Self? It’s you, every little bit of you, masked and unmasked, on the surface and deep in your core. The only person guaranteed to journey from birth to death and back again with you is You. So, if you can’t stand your own company, you may be in for a crappy journey.
Why not find a place in your heart for your Self? Diving deep into love, acceptance, and honoring ourselves, we discover how sacred our relationship with our own Self really is. Then we realize this is our journey, discovering our Sacred Self.
Some gurus refer to this as “awakening the divine within” or “acknowledging your god self,” but really it’s more human than that. It’s about loving ourselves in our innate humanity while recognizing the Being that lives and moves through us all. This radical self love is the most divine state of BeingHuman.

What do you think?

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There’s No Time Like the Present!

I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of times that I get caught up replaying the past or thinking about the future … Keep in mind, that the past was 5 minutes ago and the future is 5 from now.  Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t remember things, and that planning ahead is imprudent.  But how often do we mull over past events that didn’t go the way we had hoped?  How often do we take future events and play them out in our minds long before they even happen?  Ya … that’s what I’m talking about …

These actions take you out of your NOW, this beautiful ever-present present moment.  How much are we missing from our lives by diverting our attention to circumstances and events that are beyond our control or ability to change?

*inhale* Right here

*exhale* Right now

Learn from the past and hold tight to those precious memories.  But remember, what is done is done.  There is no changing or recreating, and regret will just keep you where you were.

Make plans for the future, but by all means do not project your thoughts into future scenarios! Especially if those scenarios are ones that you don’t want to attract.  We reap what we sow, and our thoughts are the seeds.  Instead, if there’s something you really would like to see happen, spend some time doing visioning, which is a creative process involved in active manifestation.  Besides, when you focus on the present, you’ll notice that most of those things you spend time worrying about have a tendency to work themselves out before you get a chance to deal with them in the now.  This is called Being in the Flow, and it’s lovely.

Most importantly, you can change the future by your actions in the present.  Are you in alignment with your core values?  Are you living a fulfilling present?  If not, time to refocus and BE the change, as Gandhi said.  It is in this lush present moment that we cast our seeds.  If it hurts, let it hurt!  Kiss the pain, learn from it.  It makes the joy you’ll experience later that much sweeter.  If it feels good, absorb it!  Let it sink deep into your psyche and your skin so you can recall it fully into awareness and attract more of the same.

Breathe RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW … whenever you catch yourself drifting forward or back in unconstructive thought patterns.  Bring your awareness to your current senses and dive in as deeply as possible.  I guarantee you will find your life much more fulfilling!

May you have a blessed and joyful life!

Untelling the Stories in Your Head

We are in a constant battle with the voices in our head and the ony way out is through diligent awareness, presence, and perseverance.

It is amazing what we are able to convince ourselves; talking ourselves into and out of jobs, activities, relationships.  “This is good for me.  I shouldn’t do that.  Oh, that will never work.”  Placing values and judgements on every situation, every person that comes into our lives.  More often than not, these judgements are counterproductive.  They prevent us from exploring things that may actually be beneficial, while allowing us to justify situations, people, and ideas that may not be in our highest good.

Falling in love, for instance, we usually notice all the great things about the one we love and have a tendency to overlook their less fine qualities.  When a relationship ends, however, we have a tendency to do the opposite.  Looking primarily at our partners’ weaknesses rather than strengths in an attempt to dull the pain of separation and to justify the end of the relationship.  This also allows us to shift blame onto the partner instead of paying attention to our contribution to the story of the relationship.  Because, our inner storyteller has already created all the scenarios based on our hopes and fears.  In truth, we likely had clues that the relationship would or wouldn’t work.

Once we start noticing these stories, asking questions is the best way to begin diffusing the internal story-teller.  Such as:  “Where do these judgements come from?”  Usually, the answer is conditioning … our life patterns echoing their way through our thoughts.  This is where the consciousness of our parents, teachers, family, friends, and societal conditioning comes in to play.

“Is this idea coming from a place of fear or love?”  Most often, the stories we tell ourselves are in an attempt to protect our emotions (guarding).  After we ask the questions and listen for the answers, we can then face the fears that arise.  Noticing, but not enabling them.  All choices are best coming from a place pure of love.

I personally call these story threads “wagon wheel tracks.”  The wheels of my brain spinning in the same place time and again, creating deep grooves in my thought  process.  Depending on how many times a thought has been followed (how deep the groove is), determines how much effort is involved in creating a new pathway.  When I catch myself following these wagon tracks, I say “Cancel, Delete!”  Then usually finding my awareness was in the past or future, I bring myself back to this very moment.  The act of becoming HERE & NOW is so powerful in eradicating fear and negative thought patterns, because usually none of it exists at this exact moment.  Besides, it is so much easier to deal with things one at a time, as they present themselves in each moment.

When I find my brain overcrowded with thoughts, I take a deep breath, meditate, bring my awareness to HERE & NOW, and watch the thoughts trickle down into only things that are absolutely necessary … or nothing at all, which gives me all the space I need to allow love, gratitude, and compassion to come in.

Love, gratitude, and compassion are key to creating new stories.  Creating … starting from scratch.  Every single one of us has the opportunity of making this choice every moment.  If we can separate ourselves from the stories conditioned within us, and focus on love (because gratitude and compassion are aspects of love) then we’ll find our stories will be without judgement, challenges will become learning experiences, and life suddenly seems much more free.

As it is 🙂

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