Your Human Being

where Individual unites with Soul in a dance of love



ode to sensitivity

sensitive soul

soothe yourself in the light of the sun

let warmth of water embrace you

and be…

this depth of emotion isn’t

to be shamed, tamed, or feared

but celebrated as the dance of life

these glorious, passionate heart strings

are the breath of existence

and the smiling face of divine

the kicker

I see you walk

little girl tough guy

that bouncy swagger

kicking to the beat

of a half-broken heart

clicking the heels

of those old boots

as you carefully balance

that big chip

with all the love

you have yet to give

slightly slouched

to protect your heart

like we don’t notice it shining


craving chains and freedom

it is fear that drives me

thrusting me forward with conviction toward my dreams

or deeper into the confines of my self-limitations

calling me, awakening me

a dragon that guards the treasure

which i crave with such a fiery intensity

my whole being aches

it is no match for me

the closer i get to him, the more i realize what kindles inside him

is love, tethered to iron walls, that can only be unleashed

in torrential and exasperated bursts

a slave unto itself

i befriend him, for he is my own

there is power in self-confinement

but greater in love

The Long Goodbye

i called for help

you weren’t there

a faint echo

in my sigh

kisses fly for miles

but fall short

hours away

from your cheek

my life is full

as emptiness drifts

like a shadow

across the sky

together and apart

eternity wrapped

in a mute embrace

this is the long goodbye

Windswept Chaos

I am windswept chaos

brewing every known emotion

in my big black pot

as lightening flashes

through my hair

I am windswept chaos

my inner sanctum

no longer a refuge

as the storm rages and churns

dancing revolution in my soul

I am windswept chaos

gratefully, gracefully

the sun caresses me

his love piercing light

breaking the shadow of my heart

The meek shall not inherit the earth


oozing from your pores


always wanting to


rarely willing to


time to stand up

show up

grow up

and live for others

as much as your


everything else is a


a shadow

broken ideals


towards the image of

a god

hidden inside your


let it be free

the undeniable


you feel inside causing


when really it’s


going unshared which causes you


let it be free

give it

live it

love yourself


flicker and flame

flicker and flame

licking my lips

from across the street

feeling your warm pulse

deep within my heart

calling me, drawing me to you

with universal understanding

but without reason

for my mind can’t comprehend

this connection

that achingly keeps me awakeImage

the darkness

i rest my head

in the pain you feel

the rising falling crest

of oh my god

this is insanity!

and you crashing

back to earth

into the waiting arms

of emptiness

gently, my heart calls to you

longing to share

a warm embrace

but you’ve swam too deep to hear

How many of us have had a loved one who felt isolated beyond reach?  How many of us have experienced it ourselves?  The desperation, the loneliness, the deep aching agony of a virtual non-existence.  Some will readily admit having a dark night of the soul, but not all can admit the nature of those darker thoughts much less confess them to loved ones.

I would venture to say it’s unlikely that not one single person has ever wondered what the world would be like without them, or hasn’t felt so overdone by the challenges of life that non-existence seemed a relative option.  Echoes of emptiness filter through our beings as we strive to cope, forgetting that we have each other, if only we can be courageous enough to reach out and express ourselves, trusting each other to understand and support us as we walk through the darkness together.

soulful embrace

you are the soulful embrace

that awakens me on a rainy day

with a symphony of smiles


and mine

tumbling together

throughout the day

holding me close

into the night

this is the dream

i always knew would be mine

but never quite believed in

till now

may my every day be

a soft caress along your cheek

kissing away the drowsy remembrances

of all that never was

pressing your hand in mine

as we love adventurously

living the dream

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