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The Struggle is REAL!

Struggle IS real – when we are in resistance to what is happening in life. We grasp and hold on, and sometimes that works for us. Struggle and resistance can be great tools, teaching us about what we really desire and pointing us toward what is preventing us from achieving it.

When you notice the resistance arising, do your best to sit back from it. Detach. Observe. Ask why you are in resistance, what outcome you would prefer, and what the struggle has to teach you. No question goes unanswered, though sometimes we believe it does because we don’t necessarily like what we hear. I have been majorly guilty of this in the past. Asking for guidance time and again, even though it was already given. I was in complete resistance.

What most don’t realize is, if resistance goes unchecked, it can turn into resentment, and possibly revenge. “Well, if that’s how you’re going to be, then I just won’t talk to you.” Sound familiar? Yes, revenge is often more subtle and subversive than we realize at the time.

So, back to the fix! Notice, ask yourself the questions, and breathe. Practice surrender. What would complete surrender to the process look and feel like to you? For me, it’s a constant process of taking deep breaths, letting go of expectations, and creating a blank slate whenever I notice myself struggling with resistance.

The beautiful thing is, once you’ve dropped into surrender, you will notice life has a way of working things out perfectly and in your highest good. Much better than we could imagine for ourselves!

Of course, gentle coaching is a GREAT way to support you in releasing resistance, resentment, and revenge. Call 314-605-3171 to set up a trial session and see if we are a good fit!

Speaking of struggle and resistance, I have been delving deeply into a NEW project! And *whew* boy! It’s been quite a learning experience, seeded with a LOT of opportunities for me to grow into a higher expression of myself. I am surrendering to the process and allowing this project to work through me.

Soon, I will be opening an integrative wellness center where you can RETREAT and find PEACE any day of the week. Life is innately stressful, and this center will offer a community, services, and the space you need to ease your way into a higher expression of living as you CHOOSE. Keep your eyes and ears open for much more information in the near future!

(I’ll tell you a secret… It’s called Alchemy!) ❤

Social media accounts coming soon!

Change Your Life By Taking Care of You

The value of developing a healthy, loving relationship with yourself is that it becomes reflected in all areas of your life.  Do you or anyone you know have relationship issues, trouble setting and keeping boundaries, financial issues, or a general unhappiness in life?  Those are all affected by the relationship with yourself.

When you are able to break down and break through those negative programs you’ve developed over the course of your life, and truly cultivate a caring relationship based in self-awareness, things really start to shift in new and positive ways!

Time to heal, nurture, and cultivate that relationship.



2 Sides of the Coin

Little did I know that personal freedom comes from stepping up and taking full responsibility for life.

This lesson was a gradual process that evolved as I became aware of exactly how little power I afforded myself, and how much power I gave away.  I viewed my experiences from the perspective that “someone did something to me, or something happened to me”, which meant that the course of my life was dependent on everyone and everything but me.  Empowerment began when I started realizing that my perspective was my choice.  Indeed, everything that happened in my adult life was because every moment I was making choices, without awareness or consciousness.  Then, I began the gradual process of waking up.  You know, one of those things that some of the new age gurus tell you to do without telling you how.  It began to happen.  Why me?  Because I was open to change.  Actually, I craved it.

I was living in poverty with seemingly few prospects and a history of failed relationships.  I knew there was more, but I didn’t know how to change it.  Fortunately, when you truly want something, the universe conspires to make it happen.  I was led through a series of synchronistic events (that I could give credit to everyone who contributed, but would be remiss if I didn’t point out, even those events were because I made choices) that caused me to pay attention.

They say the only way to truly move forward is to know where you are.  I am grateful I made the choice to look back and notice similarities between people and events in my life; to see patterns in my behavior.  It was then I noticed that even decisions that were seemingly insignificant added shape and texture to my life.

Today, I choose.  I am aware of what I am saying to myself, about myself, and how I’m shaping my life down to every bite I choose to take and every minute I waste on Facebook.  I notice my language and recently have had the opportunity to take that practice deeper by being advised to notice when I say “try,” “can’t,” and “but” because those words are unconscious ways of surrendering power as well.

Choice is freedom.  When you choose to own your life, taking responsibility for how you got where you are and where you’re going, the world is yours.  ❤


oozing from your pores


always wanting to


rarely willing to


time to stand up

show up

grow up

and live for others

as much as your


everything else is a


a shadow

broken ideals


towards the image of

a god

hidden inside your


let it be free

the undeniable


you feel inside causing


when really it’s


going unshared which causes you


let it be free

give it

live it

love yourself


for the love of me

the timeless treasure

of magical thinking

has changed my world

becoming an active participant

in this dance

under moon and stars

weaving in and out of rhythm

with the beat of my own heart

calibrate, renew, awaken

at once full of tribal blood

and the shimmering stars of angels

it beats, then opens. beats, then opens

and i watch

with the eyes of a mystic

this compulsory mating

the holy union

of my self and being

moving into the bliss of orgasmic surrender

fusion and fission

in fractal rhythm

a solar pulse in the heart of the universe

being human – introductory offer

i have become an expert at being human.  occasionally in the past i’ve used my humanity as an excuse for behaviors that would otherwise be deemed unacceptable.  i wasn’t accepting and honoring of myself. now, i use the tools i’ve learned over time to open the issues i once used to whitewash, and bring them into the light.  so, here i am … this human being … being what? well, human …

what does it mean to be human?  more than simply existing … it’s an experiential development of being … of uncovering, deeping, and expanding into awareness and connection.  walking outside and noticing existance to the degree where you feel birds are singing just to say hi to you, and you feel  you can almost see the grass and flowers grow.

being human means saying “here i am” in all of my varying degrees, good and bad … identifying them yet not willing to become identified by them.

i have finally come to a point of loving self-acceptance.  i hope you find yours too.

for more information on how to reach, define, and love your sacred self, please email to schedule a free initial consultation.

There’s No Time Like the Present!

I don’t know about you, but there are plenty of times that I get caught up replaying the past or thinking about the future … Keep in mind, that the past was 5 minutes ago and the future is 5 from now.  Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t remember things, and that planning ahead is imprudent.  But how often do we mull over past events that didn’t go the way we had hoped?  How often do we take future events and play them out in our minds long before they even happen?  Ya … that’s what I’m talking about …

These actions take you out of your NOW, this beautiful ever-present present moment.  How much are we missing from our lives by diverting our attention to circumstances and events that are beyond our control or ability to change?

*inhale* Right here

*exhale* Right now

Learn from the past and hold tight to those precious memories.  But remember, what is done is done.  There is no changing or recreating, and regret will just keep you where you were.

Make plans for the future, but by all means do not project your thoughts into future scenarios! Especially if those scenarios are ones that you don’t want to attract.  We reap what we sow, and our thoughts are the seeds.  Instead, if there’s something you really would like to see happen, spend some time doing visioning, which is a creative process involved in active manifestation.  Besides, when you focus on the present, you’ll notice that most of those things you spend time worrying about have a tendency to work themselves out before you get a chance to deal with them in the now.  This is called Being in the Flow, and it’s lovely.

Most importantly, you can change the future by your actions in the present.  Are you in alignment with your core values?  Are you living a fulfilling present?  If not, time to refocus and BE the change, as Gandhi said.  It is in this lush present moment that we cast our seeds.  If it hurts, let it hurt!  Kiss the pain, learn from it.  It makes the joy you’ll experience later that much sweeter.  If it feels good, absorb it!  Let it sink deep into your psyche and your skin so you can recall it fully into awareness and attract more of the same.

Breathe RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW … whenever you catch yourself drifting forward or back in unconstructive thought patterns.  Bring your awareness to your current senses and dive in as deeply as possible.  I guarantee you will find your life much more fulfilling!

May you have a blessed and joyful life!

Thoughts on Freedom (7/4/2011)

freedom to me means the ability to openly laugh at any given thing, to speak without reservation, to act without hesitation, and to experience whatever it is i feel without fear, shame or remorse.

i’m speaking of personal freedom, which is bought with our own blood, sweat and tears.

the courage it takes to examine your self thoroughly is equal to doing hand to hand combat on the battlefield, but instead of killing your opponent – you’re forced to give him a hug, invite him over for dinner, and love him unconditionally for the rest of your life.

this freedom is not based on any external values like money, property, or even religious ideals. it cannot be bought, sold, restrained or imprisoned.

even in the darkest times and most extreme circumstances, one can have this freedom … it’s a matter of choice … made by the consciousness of the heart that grows and resonates throughout your entire being until your brain relinquishes all control to this higher power within. all fear, shame, animosity … “drama” … gets acknowledged, categorized for what it truly is, and released from the prison which tried to contain you.

anyone can do this – anytime, anywhere. they just have to choose to drop all limiting beliefs they’ve ever known, and let their heart rage forward in love.

it’s a battle worthy of any hero … and a victory like none other.

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