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soul mates

The Long Goodbye

i called for help

you weren’t there

a faint echo

in my sigh

kisses fly for miles

but fall short

hours away

from your cheek

my life is full

as emptiness drifts

like a shadow

across the sky

together and apart

eternity wrapped

in a mute embrace

this is the long goodbye

soulful embrace

you are the soulful embrace

that awakens me on a rainy day

with a symphony of smiles


and mine

tumbling together

throughout the day

holding me close

into the night

this is the dream

i always knew would be mine

but never quite believed in

till now

may my every day be

a soft caress along your cheek

kissing away the drowsy remembrances

of all that never was

pressing your hand in mine

as we love adventurously

living the dream


my heart is full of rainbows

the reigning tears of yesterday

sparkle in the sunshine of today

overflowing with feelings for which

i have no words

except yes this, yes right, yes now

and it’s more than i’ve ever imagined

what a brilliant thought you are!

and my ego bows to divine

for thinking you here before me

my custom puzzle piece, perfectly fit

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