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Turtle Love

For the past 9 months, I have been saving turtles.  Stopping to escort them to the side of the road, in the direction they are heading, with little regard for my personal safety on winding county roads.  All this time, never stopping to consider they may be trying to help me.

A couple weeks ago, I stopped for what I believe will be the last turtle of the season, and it finally clicked!  There was a lesson I had been missing all along.  Indeed, more than one …

The first was a reminder that I carry “home” with me wherever I go.  Discomfort that I may experience in any space, any crowd or situation, is simply because I have forgotten that my home is in me.  When I remember this, I find the comfort and security I need within my own state of being.

I learned to point in the direction I most wish to go, and not let anything stop me.  Also, to be open to receiving assistance when it comes.

Finally, sometimes I’ve just got to move my A$$!  Life is rushing past, and at any given moment things can change.  If there’s something in my heart to do, it doesn’t serve me to procrastinate.

There is a lesson to be learned from everything, if we choose to look at it with that perspective.  I’d like to thank my turtle friends for their friendly reminders.  I look forward to serving them again in the spring.




the darkness

i rest my head

in the pain you feel

the rising falling crest

of oh my god

this is insanity!

and you crashing

back to earth

into the waiting arms

of emptiness

gently, my heart calls to you

longing to share

a warm embrace

but you’ve swam too deep to hear

How many of us have had a loved one who felt isolated beyond reach?  How many of us have experienced it ourselves?  The desperation, the loneliness, the deep aching agony of a virtual non-existence.  Some will readily admit having a dark night of the soul, but not all can admit the nature of those darker thoughts much less confess them to loved ones.

I would venture to say it’s unlikely that not one single person has ever wondered what the world would be like without them, or hasn’t felt so overdone by the challenges of life that non-existence seemed a relative option.  Echoes of emptiness filter through our beings as we strive to cope, forgetting that we have each other, if only we can be courageous enough to reach out and express ourselves, trusting each other to understand and support us as we walk through the darkness together.

a call to egypt

i feel a call to egypt … we’ll see how it turns out … if it’s meant to be & all that …

for about 3 years now, i’ve been undergoing a preparation process … internal alchemy, if you will … healing my emotions, releasing the patterns in my thoughts, opening and elevating my energy …

see, it all started shortly after i left my 2nd marriage … on the day i received a necklace in the mail from a facebook friend.  it’s kind of hard to explain, but let’s just say it cracked my egg in such a way that i haven’t been the same since.  made from materials found in giza, this necklace found its way into my life at the perfect time.

mystical? yes.  magical? yes.  crazy? absolutely … but in the softest, most beautiful way imaginable.

ever since, i have been connected with egyptian mysticism.  meditations, visions, teachers, cards, dreams, memories? all sharing a common theme – egypt.  why? i do not know … perhaps this is what i’m exploring.

what i do know: this trip will change my life

so, i turn it over to the universe … ’cause i’m gonna need some help getting there 🙂

if anyone reading this feels compelled to help me on my quest, any financial gift is appreciated (and i am willing to reciprocate in whatever way i can).  otherwise, thank you for your love and support.

if you are interested in hearing more of this story, please comment below & i’ll be sure to fill you in 🙂

blessings & love,


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