Your Human Being

where Individual unites with Soul in a dance of love



for the love of me

the timeless treasure

of magical thinking

has changed my world

becoming an active participant

in this dance

under moon and stars

weaving in and out of rhythm

with the beat of my own heart

calibrate, renew, awaken

at once full of tribal blood

and the shimmering stars of angels

it beats, then opens. beats, then opens

and i watch

with the eyes of a mystic

this compulsory mating

the holy union

of my self and being

moving into the bliss of orgasmic surrender

fusion and fission

in fractal rhythm

a solar pulse in the heart of the universe


Lover, let your mind disappear
Come to me with your heart
Body and soul surrendering
To the flow of love’s embrace

No thoughts or words needed
Only the instinctual, intuitive
Language of bodies
Sharing in sensuous communion


My arms are but a shadow
Of the divinity
Held between them

As my heart holds
The key to the kingdom
So shall we rise
In this lovers’ dance
So perfectly orchestrated


swim with me in this sea of love

feel the warm waters surround you

refreshing, revitalizing when the day is long

take solace in these soft arms

and when storms brew

let us dive deeper together

taking refuge in the stillness of our union

high priestess of the skies

watching me through the window

as i prepare my body

for the ultimate sacrifice

of surrender

into love

guarding and guiding me

as i make peace with my self

and bear the all of my being

unto the body of yours

preparing this shell

that it may accurately reflect my soul

preparing my soul

for the union

of love lover and beloved

the high priestess of the skies

Nuance Between the Notes

there’s nuance between the notes

of a tear stained cheek

gently whisked away with a soft kiss

and the breath that escapes me into you

and escapes you into me

there’s nuance between the notes

of fingertips trailing the long lines

of legs as they curve into hips

where my sex welcomes your sex

as your heart welcomes me

there’s nuance between the notes

of a raging heart of fire

clashing with the coolness of your eyes

calming and reigniting my passion each day

as the moon triggers the tide

The Art of Seduction

in an accidental meeting of body parts
my fingertips brush against you
there’s a faint flutter of eyelashes
and a flash in the eye that couples with a soft, sideways smirk

one innocent kiss
that leaves a heavy breath between us
in the stillness of our lips nearly touching
yet giving the impression of contact

our embrace lingers
and i inhale the scent of your neck
and trace along that fine line with my tongue
as i feel you harden against me

a Tantric (double) Tanka

you lift me beyond

my self to the unknown place

through your touch, your lips

caressing the soft center

my love joining ecstasy


hips and hearts combine

riding the wave eye to eye

panting and breathless

heat melting us into one

joined shiver, a sigh, then stillness

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