Your Human Being

where Individual unites with Soul in a dance of love


true love

for all that i am

Love me for all that I am

Right here, right now

This perfectly imperfect mess standing before you

Not the images and projections

Or select facets you choose to see

But me, whole and complete

With a burning heart

And childhood fears

Big dreams, and dirty dishes

Love my history

and the stories I choose to tell myself

about now and the future

wrinkly tummy and persistent white hair

love me beyond it all

or leave me alone

rituals and sex

occupying equal space

alongsideĀ ponderings of

“Does true love even exist?”

and “Is there such a thing as a love of a lifetime?”

iĀ ask not because i haven’t been a witness

but because i have yet to participate

it is of my own doing …

it is of my own doing …

letting my subconscious mind interfere

either too accepting or not accepting enough

rushing headlong or mechanically pushing away

or perhaps it’s true

i’ve been breaking through karma

and learning my lessons

in an attempt to purify my soul

for that one final divine connection

and perhaps not a single bit of this matters

completion and wholeness are in me

but i think it’s that very fact

that makes me want to cuddle

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