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The Daily BIG

Today, I challenged my Facebook friends to do one thing BIG today.  “Anything,” I said, “as long as it is big enough to take you out of your Self.”

Knowing, that I can’t offer a challenge like that without also stepping up to the plate, I have decided to come out in a BIG way and say I am working on a book.  (well, two, actually … )  Looking back at my life as I near my 40th birthday, I asked myself “What lessons have been most important for me?”  Those seven topics have now become chapters, which in turn are becoming lectures.

I don’t plan on just telling people what to do to live a happy life.  Inestead, I’m offering the lessons and tools I learned along the way as a support for their process of being human.

Learning to distinguish the Self (ego) from the Being (soul) and living a grateful, happy life in Love is what I have learned … and what I hope to share.

The other book? Poetry 😉

Now, go do something BIG!  Today and every day …

Blessed be …

blank canvass



i use my body

a blank canvas for words

affirmations boldly leap

from the pale warmth of my skin

caressing the heart of the inner girl

and reminding me I AM goddess


accompanied by hearts flowers stars and dollars

words and intentions vine

weaving up down and across

encircling limbs and torso

softly yet deftly

the ink spills upon skin

guiding me into communion

with my own being


finger trailed stains

staying for hours days weeks

until the message sinks

deep enough to ignite my soul

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